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health consultant sitting on an office chair in new mexicoWelcome. I’m Stacey Batista, MD, a patient advocate specializing in compassionate health advocacy and management for people with complex or unexpected medical diagnoses.

When a healthcare crisis strikes, a personal advocate to collaborate with and oversee the process can reduce stress, improve your overall experience and outcome, and put you on the path to better health.

Our healthcare system is complicated and impersonal. As such, it’s easy to feel reduced to a diagnosis, a disease, a body part, a problem.

I will work closely with you, your doctor(s) and your family as you navigate your way through the medical maze of an unexpected diagnosis, long-term illness, end of life care, or other challenging medical concerns.

Contact me today with any questions about my practice or to set up a complimentary consultation

“My advocate was instrumental in helping me look at my health situation objectively and act accordingly. As a result of her caring and competent influence, she arranged for me to get a second opinion from a highly regarded clinician/researcher in the field. The good news is that my medical plan was subsequently adjusted, and I was able to avoid having to take a quite potent drug which has serious side effects. And all the while she kept my spirits up.”

P.A., Brookline MA

My goal is for you to feel empowered, informed, and in control of your medical care and overall health.

I welcome new clients. Please contact me directly with any questions about my practice or your concerns, or to set up a consultation. 

More About Sirona Health Advocates’ New Mexico Services

Just some of the services we offer our New Mexico patients:

  • Care Coordination
  • Health Consulting
  • Consulting
  • Health Advocacy
  • Medical Assessment
  • Personal Health Consultant
  • Health Management
  • Best Health Advocacy
  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis Assistance
  • Compassionate Health Advocacy
  • Medical Billing
  • Health Advocate Programs
  • Top Healthcare Advocacy
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Best Health Consultant
  • Medical Decision
  • Healthcare System
  • Treatment Assistance

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    More About Sirona Health Advocates’ New Mexico Services
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    Reasons To Consider Health Advocacy
    What Sort of Help Can a Patient Advocate Offer?
    Listed here are only a few of the tasks a New Mexico healthcare patient advocate can do for a patient
    Great Reasons To Hire A Healthcare Advocacy Company in New Mexico
    Why Sirona Health Advocates?
    About New Mexico
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    Reasons To Consider Health Advocacy

    Few life situations are more upsetting than being diagnosed with a medical condition that will need constant care. It is actually overwhelming enough to receive this type of unforeseen medical news. But now you have to handle becoming familiar with your treatment plans, paying for medical bills, arranging doctors appointments, and making important decisions which might have an impact on the well being of your family as well as your own.

    Let’s suppose you had somebody at your side who is able to deal with all the paperwork and information overload for you, as well as help you to get to grips with your insurance plan and locate the most suitable health specialists? With a New Mexico health advocate, all this is achievable. Health care advocacy plans are designed to alleviate a lot of the stress and anxieties medical patients have to go through after receiving a medical diagnosis. An advocate can help you to achieve some sense of normality in your daily life and motivate you to make informed decisions.

    Although medical patient advocacy has existed for years, the profession itself has only been officially recognized for a decade or so. Though there are not any licensing requirements to become a healthcare advocate, lots of them have received certification in health advocacy and have a background in the medical sector.

    What Sort of Help Can a Patient Advocate Offer?

    A New Mexico medical patient advocate is able to do anything from describing your treatments and medical condition in in easy to understand words to working out how to reduce your doctors bills. This professional person recognizes that every single sufferer is unique with their specific range of needs and complications relating to their health issue. A health advocate will first take the time to get acquainted with each and every patient as well as the health hurdles that they are struggling with.

    Listed here are only a few of the tasks a New Mexico healthcare patient advocate can do for a patient:

    • Coordinate any necessary transfer of X-rays, lab results and medical records
    • Advise on when to request a second opinion (and find the right doctor to supply one)
    • Arrange the installation of home care equipment
    • Find the right physicians and specialists
    • Explain a diagnosis in non-medical speak and summarize all possible treatment options
    • Handle billing issues and attempt to bring down medical expenses
    • Research rehabilitation facilities
    • Locate and organize end-of-life and hospice care

    Making use of a health advocate in New Mexico removes quite a bit of the pressure and worry of coping with your health problem off your plate. They help you save precious time, to enable you to dedicate more of it to your family and therefore improving your quality of life.

    Great Reasons To Hire A Healthcare Advocacy Company in New Mexico

    Working alongside a New Mexico patient advocate offers you direct access to a trustworthy person who knows about all of the ins and outs of the complicated health care system. But they are also able to bring calmness to a stressful scenario. They’re available to answer all your questions, talk about your specific condition with physicians, and help you to regain a feeling of control.

    Why Sirona Health Advocates?

    I encountered first hand the difficulties that patients and their families have to cope with when they’re faced with a critical medical condition. As a daughter and mother, I took care of my elderly parents whilst also raising my two kids. I am also a doctor, which means that I can easily help my clients understand complex medical terminology and treatment methods and I’m always there to reply to their inquiries and deal with worries.

    I take a personable approach with all of my customers. We commence by having a cost-free telephone conversation so that I’m able to gather more information with regards to your diagnosis and health concerns. Then we’ll talk about exactly what working with me is like, and exactly what you can anticipate to accomplish with my advocacy services. After this, I’ll create a customized personal plan that sets out proposed action steps.

    My background means I am familiar with the convoluted healthcare system and just how health insurance companies operate. It also enables me to translate confusing medical lingo into language you will understand, and I can advocate treatments and clinicians to explore. I’m able to pay you visits during hospital stays, go with you to appointments and ensure your health requirements are being represented fairly.

    I acquired my qualification in Health care Advocacy from Healthcare Liaison, Inc. in 2018. I’m also a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, where I finished my internship in Medicine/Surgery. I am a proactive member of some health advocacy associations such as the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy, the Massachusetts Society of Serious Illness and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

    I aim to bring humanization and compassion to your specific health related predicament. You also don’t have to be a resident in the New Mexico area to gain the benefit of my medical patient advocate service as I also assist patients across the country. Whether you must make choices with regard to an elderly dementia patient , you require somebody to help contend with a child’s illness or you are facing your own medical problems, I’m here to guarantee that you don’t have to go it alone.

    If you are looking to work with a healthcare advocacy in the New Mexico area, feel free to contact me so we can book in a preliminary telephone conversation.

    About New Mexico

    New Mexico, constituent state of the United States of America. New Mexico, abbreviated “NM”, is in the Mountain region of the U.S. Its capital is Santa Fe. There were 2,084,828 people in New Mexico. It became the 47th state of the union in 1912. When the Spanish set out to explore the region, they hoped to find land as valuable as what they’d found earlier in Mexico. So they dubbed the area Nueva Mexico. New Mexico is home to a little over two million residents, most of whom reside in the states three major cities, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces. Public schools in New Mexico are ranked and listed on our city pages. While perhaps not raised and educated in New Mexico, more than 26.40% of state residents hold high school diplomas, with 14.80% having graduated from college. The economy of New Mexico is dependent on oil drilling, mineral extraction, dryland farming, cattle ranching, lumber milling, and retail trade.

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    Sirona Health Advocates supports clients throughout all of New Mexico, including the following cities: Albuquerque. Click here to return to our USA service area page.

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