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two people talking in an office in floridaWelcome. I’m Stacey Batista, MD, a patient advocate specializing in compassionate health advocacy and management for people with complex or unexpected medical diagnoses.

When a healthcare crisis strikes, a personal advocate to collaborate with and oversee the process can reduce stress, improve your overall experience and outcome, and put you on the path to better health.

Our healthcare system is complicated and impersonal. As such, it’s easy to feel reduced to a diagnosis, a disease, a body part, a problem.

I will work closely with you, your doctor(s) and your family as you navigate your way through the medical maze of an unexpected diagnosis, long-term illness, end of life care, or other challenging medical concerns.

Contact me today with any questions about my practice or to set up a complimentary consultation

“Stacey was always readily accessible, and provided calming, caring information during my recent surgery. Her knowledge and attention to detail concerning my particular situation allowed me to focus and make informed decisions. Knowing she was “by my side” gave me needed peace of mind.”

H.H., Malden MA

My goal is for you to feel empowered, informed, and in control of your medical care and overall health.

I welcome new clients. Please contact me directly with any questions about my practice or your concerns, or to set up a consultation. 

More About Sirona Health Advocates’ Florida Services

Just some of the services we offer our Florida patients:

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Diagnosis Assistance
  • Health Management
  • Health Advocate Programs
  • Health Advocacy
  • Treatment Assistance
  • Top Healthcare Advocacy
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Decision
  • Compassionate Health Advocacy
  • Healthcare System
  • Assessment
  • Care Coordination
  • Medical Assessment
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Best Health Consultant
  • Personal Health Consultant
  • Health Consulting
  • Consulting
  • Best Health Advocacy

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    More About Sirona Health Advocates’ Florida Services
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    Why You Should Consider Health Advocacy
    What Sort of Assistance Can a Patient Advocate Offer?
    The following are just a few of the responsibilities that a Florida medical advocate will do for you
    Why You Should Hire A Healthcare Advocacy Service in Florida
    Why Use Sirona Health Advocates?
    About Florida
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    Why You Should Consider Health Advocacy

    If a loved one or yourself has ever been found to have an unanticipated medical condition, you’ll realize how much it can change your everyday life. Along with absorbing the news, you now also need to consider treatment plans, schedule hospital appointments, and make decisions that might have an affect on your day to day life as well as that of all your family.

    Suppose you could have an expert at your side who could deal with the information and paperwork overload on your behalf, as well as help you fully grasp the features of your insurance policy and locate specialists? With a Florida health advocate, all of this and more is feasible. Medical patient advocacy services were developed to minimize some of the stress and obligations that sufferers must shoulder after receiving a medical diagnosis. An advocate will help you achieve a sense of normality into your life and empower you to come to smart decisions.

    While medical advocacy has been in existence for quite some time, the profession itself has only been recognized officially for the last ten years. Though there are not any licensing requirements to become a health advocate, a large majority of them have received qualifications in health advocacy and boast a career background in medicine.

    What Sort of Assistance Can a Patient Advocate Offer?

    Your Florida area patient advocate is going to do everything to make managing your health condition a little easier. This can include things like working out how to lessen your hospital bills to finding out about the most appropriate specialists for you. A health advocate offers a sense of empathy and humanity to each affected individual that they work with. They’re also quite happy to meet with your doctor and medical team and work alongside them to make sure that your health needs are being effectively addressed.

    The following are just a few of the responsibilities that a Florida medical advocate will do for you:

    • Arrange delivery of home care equipment
    • Resolve insurance claims and try to bring down medical expenses
    • Explain a diagnosis in layman’s terms and describe all possible treatment plans
    • Identify the ideal doctors and specialists
    • Offer guidance on seeking a second opinion
    • Organize hospice and palliative care
    • Request transfers of medical records, X-rays and lab results
    • Track down rehab centers

    Working with a patient advocacy provider can ease not only your stress, but also that of your loved ones. It helps you regain more time that you can commit to loved ones, as well as doing stuff you enjoy instead of wasting time on the phone talking with insurance providers or investigating treatment options.

    Why You Should Hire A Healthcare Advocacy Service in Florida

    Working with a healthcare advocacy provider provides you with much needed comfort after getting a worrying medical diagnosis. You’ve got a trusted professional person who you’re able to talk to if you have questions and concerns, are puzzled about something, or need a bit of help dealing with your issue. A Florida health care advocate will be able to untangle the excess of information and documents that most people with health conditions have to face.

    Why Use Sirona Health Advocates?

    Hi, my name is Stacey Batista, MD. I am a physician, mother and daughter who has encountered first hand the overwhelming difficulties which are part and parcel of coping with a life changing medical problem, as I looked after my aging parents whilst having to raise two children. I realize how strapped for time many medical patients are and the ways that an upsetting medical issue can throw a spanner into one’s life plans.

    I enjoy meeting and getting to know new customers. Each one has their own specific concerns and needs in regard to their health issue, and discovering more about their fears helps me in creating an individualized action plan. We are going to begin with a free phone call so that we can get introduced and you can tell me more info on how I can help you. We’ll look at how I assist patients so that I’m able to build a plan for health advocacy based around what we’ve talked about so we can act appropriately as we progress.

    As your Florida healthcare patient advocate I am able to go with you to doctors appointments, visit you during hospital stays and make certain your health requirements are being represented fairly. I assist patients and their family members to cope with a range of health problems including end of life care judgements, long-term disorders and an unanticipated medical diagnosis.

    I got my certificate in Healthcare Advocacy from Healthcare Liaison in 2018. I also graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, where I completed my Medicine/Surgery internship. I am an active member of some health advocacy associations such as the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, the Massachusetts Society of Serious Illness and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy.

    I aim to bring empathy and humanization to your specific medical issue. And don’t have to be a resident in the Florida district to make use of my health advocacy service as I also assist clients across the United States. Regardless of whether you need someone at your side with your own medical challenge, you need somebody to help you contend with a child’s health problem or you need to make choices with regard to a dementia patient , I am here to be sure you don’t face it alone.

    If you happen to be looking to work with a healthcare patient advocacy in the Florida area, feel free to contact me for a complimentary telephone conversation.

    About Florida

    Florida is the southernmost contiguous state in the United States. Florida’s $1.0 trillion economy is the fourth largest in the United States. If it were a country, Florida would be the 16th largest economy in the world, and the 58th most populous as of 2018. Leading the manufacturing sector are electrical equipment and electronics, printing and publishing, transportation equipment, food processing, and machinery. Geographic location has been the key factor in Florida’s long and colourful development, and it helps explain the striking contemporary character of the state. Florida has more toll roads, bridges, and golf courses than any other state in the nation. St. Augustine, Florida is also home to the World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum. The Sunshine State has a low cost of living and major industries like tourism, construction, banking, healthcare, aerospace and defense.

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    Sirona Health Advocates supports clients throughout all of Florida, including the following cities: Jacksonville, Miami. Click here to return to our USA service area page.

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