A Physician Healthcare Advocate for Medical Patients in the Tulsa Area

picture of a nurse walking in Tulsa OKWelcome. I’m Stacey Batista, MD, a patient advocate specializing in compassionate health advocacy and management for people with complex or unexpected medical diagnoses.

When a healthcare crisis strikes, a personal advocate to collaborate with and oversee the process can reduce stress, improve your overall experience and outcome, and put you on the path to better health.

Our healthcare system is complicated and impersonal. As such, it’s easy to feel reduced to a diagnosis, a disease, a body part, a problem.

I will work closely with you, your doctor(s) and your family as you navigate your way through the medical maze of an unexpected diagnosis, long-term illness, end of life care, or other challenging medical concerns.

Contact me today with any questions about my practice or to set up a complimentary consultation

“I am so grateful we found Stacey. Our daughter lives with a complicated and uncommon health concern for which there are no easy or obvious fixes. Thanks to Stacey’s national search and coordination of evaluations by accomplished professionals, we are able to tell ourselves we have done all we can to evaluate the possibilities. Though we cannot control the results, Stacey put us in control of the process, and offered compassionate and clear-eyed counsel along the way.”

W.C., Culloden WV

My goal is for you to feel empowered, informed, and in control of your medical care and overall health.

I welcome new clients. Please contact me directly with any questions about my practice or your concerns, or to set up a consultation. 

More About Sirona Health Advocates’ Tulsa Services

Just some of the services we offer our Tulsa patients:

  • Health Advocate Programs
  • Consulting
  • Medical Assessment
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Best Health Advocacy
  • Health Consulting
  • Assessment
  • Health Advocacy
  • Best Health Consultant
  • Health Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Medical Decision
  • Medical Billing
  • Compassionate Health Advocacy
  • Top Healthcare Advocacy
  • Treatment Assistance
  • Healthcare System
  • Diagnosis Assistance
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Personal Health Consultant

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    Reasons You Should Think About Health Advocacy
    What Do Tulsa Patient Advocates Actually Do?
    Listed here are a few of the commitments a Tulsa, Oklahoma medical advocate can deal with
    Great Reasons To Use A Healthcare Advocacy Service in Tulsa, OK
    Why Sirona Health Advocates?
    About Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Local Tulsa favorites
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    Reasons You Should Think About Health Advocacy

    Being informed that you’ve got a serious medical condition or having to watch a loved one struggle with health problems is often life changing. It may also result in lots of stress while you deal with settling doctors bills, digesting the news, searching for the right consultants, and figuring out what action to take to maximize your quality of life. Lots of people, understandably, will find this whole experience overwhelming.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to figure this all out on your own. Health advocacy was formulated so that patients can have a trusted professional working one to one with them to alleviate the stress and anxieties which come with a medical diagnosis or illness. Your Tulsa OK advocate will know all of the ins and outs of the healthcare system and can guide you through making wise decisions in connection with your health, and prepare you for an uncertain future. Health care advocacy delivers solid counseling and compassion and will help medical patients take control over their current situation.

    The idea of medical advocate services has existed for years in one form or another, and the medical profession as a whole is now starting to recognize patient advocacy as a true occupation. The work calls for plenty of multi-tasking, focus on detail, understanding of the complex healthcare sector and of course, empathy.

    What Do Tulsa Patient Advocates Actually Do?

    A Tulsa, Oklahoma medical patient advocate can do everything from explaining your medical condition and treatment plans in words that are easy to understand to establishing how to lessen your doctors bills. This knowledgeable person recognizes that every single medical patient is different with their unique collection of challenges and needs related to their medical condition. A medical advocate will take the required amount of time to get acquainted with each patient as well as the health hurdles they are struggling with.

    Listed here are a few of the commitments a Tulsa, Oklahoma medical advocate can deal with:

    • Arrange home care equipment
    • Explain your diagnosis in layman’s terms
    • Track down rehabilitation centers
    • Arrange and locate palliative and hospice care
    • Locate the best doctors and medical team for your medical condition
    • Offer guidance on seeking second opinions
    • Handle billing issues and insurance claims
    • Coordinate the transfer of lab results, X-rays and medical records

    Making use of a healthcare advocate in Tulsa minimizes most of the pressure and worry of living with your medical condition off your plate. They help you regain valuable time, so you’re able to spend more of it with your family and thus maximizing the quality of your life.

    Great Reasons To Use A Healthcare Advocacy Service in Tulsa, OK

    One of the main benefits of working with a patient advocacy provider is the assurance that this brings to folks struggling with health challenges. Having an experienced person on your side who truly appreciates the troubles you’re coping with and is able to interpret the information and paperwork which is part and parcel of a serious medical problem, can alleviate some of the strain of accessing health care. A Tulsa OK patient advocate can answer your health related questions and locate important information for you quickly.

    Why Sirona Health Advocates?

    I founded Sirona Health Advocates to aid those dealing with a frightening medical diagnosis. As a physician, mother and daughter, I’ve been responsible for taking care of both family members and medical patients so I understand how our complex health care system functions. As a full-time carer for my elderly parents, I encountered first hand how life changing a detrimental change in someone’s health can be.

    I really like meeting with new clients. Each comes with their unique challenges and needs regarding their health condition, and learning details of their anxieties helps me create a customized action plan. We’ll start out with a free phone call so that we can get introduced and you can let me know more about how I can help. Then we’ll cover the ways I manage patients and I will develop a health advocacy plan based on what we’ve talked about so we can take action steps going forward.

    My background means I am aware of the complicated healthcare landscape and just how medical insurance providers work. It also means that I am able to interpret difficult medical vocabulary easily understood language, and I’m able to advise treatment procedures and consultants to try. I am happy to visit you when you’re in hospital, make sure your health needs are being fairly represented and go with you to appointments.

    I got my Patient Advocacy certificate from Healthcare Liaison in 2018. I also graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, where I did my internship in Medicine/Surgery. I am a member of several professional health advocacy bodies including the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, the Massachusetts Society of Serious Illness and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy.

    I aim to bring humanization and compassion to your specific medical related predicament. And you don’t have to live in the Tulsa Oklahoma area to use my healthcare advocacy services. I’ve assisted affected people nationwide. Whether you require someone to help deal with a child’s health problem, you need someone at your side through your own medical issues or you have to make choices for an elderly dementia patient , you don’t have to go through it on your own.

    If you’re looking to work with a health care advocate in or near Tulsa, please contact me for an initial consultation. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you know what possibilities are at your disposal.

    About Tulsa, OK

    A population of 413,505 makes it Tulsa one of the densely populated places in Oklahoma. This city being one of the vital hubs of the oil industry of America it is dubbed as the oil capital of the world. The economy of Tulsa was strong in the old days due its prominence in the oil sector. Now with the diversification into other industries like aviation, finance, technology and telecommunications its economic growth is owed to these sectors today. It is a great promoter of sports and has established two universities The University of Tulsa And Oral Roberts University house the NCAA division I level sports teams here. Tulsa is also known as the art and culture center of Oklahoma. The housing of two art museums, opera and ballet companies and art deco-architecture centers are a testimony to this. It is considered as one of the most livable cities of the USA presently.

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