A Physician Healthcare Advocate for Medical Patients in the Denver Area

picture of a nurse walking in Denver COWelcome. I’m Stacey Batista, MD, a patient advocate specializing in compassionate health advocacy and management for people with complex or unexpected medical diagnoses.

When a healthcare crisis strikes, a personal advocate to collaborate with and oversee the process can reduce stress, improve your overall experience and outcome, and put you on the path to better health.

Our healthcare system is complicated and impersonal. As such, it’s easy to feel reduced to a diagnosis, a disease, a body part, a problem.

I will work closely with you, your doctor(s) and your family as you navigate your way through the medical maze of an unexpected diagnosis, long-term illness, end of life care, or other challenging medical concerns.

Contact me today with any questions about my practice or to set up a complimentary consultation

“Stacey was always readily accessible, and provided calming, caring information during my recent surgery. Her knowledge and attention to detail concerning my particular situation allowed me to focus and make informed decisions. Knowing she was “by my side” gave me needed peace of mind.”

H.H., Malden MA

My goal is for you to feel empowered, informed, and in control of your medical care and overall health.

I welcome new clients. Please contact me directly with any questions about my practice or your concerns, or to set up a consultation. 

More About Sirona Health Advocates’ Denver Services

Just some of the services we offer our Denver patients:

  • Personal Health Consultant
  • Health Advocacy
  • Medical Billing
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Medical Decision
  • Healthcare System
  • Health Advocate Programs
  • Health Consulting
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Compassionate Health Advocacy
  • Health Management
  • Best Health Advocacy
  • Treatment Assistance
  • Diagnosis Assistance
  • Best Health Consultant
  • Care Coordination
  • Assessment
  • Medical Assessment
  • Top Healthcare Advocacy

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    More About Sirona Health Advocates’ Denver Services
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    Why You Should Consider Health Advocacy
    What Can a Patient Advocate Help With?
    The following are a few of the commitments a Denver, Colorado medical advocate will do for you
    Great Reasons To Work With A Healthcare Advocacy Service in Denver, CO
    What Makes Sirona Health Advocates Different?
    About Denver, Colorado
    Local Denver favorites
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    Why You Should Consider Health Advocacy

    Being diagnosed with a serious health issue or being forced to watch someone you love endure health challenges is life altering. It can also cause a lot of anxiety and stress as you tackle looking for the right specialists, raising the money for medical bills, absorbing this news, and coming to a decision about the correct plan of action to maximize the quality of your everyday life. Most people, understandably, will find this whole ordeal overwhelming.

    Health care advocacy provides a helping hand to people experiencing the consequences of an unwelcome diagnosis. A Denver, Colorado health advocate works alongside you or your loved one to help cope with all the information and documentation that accompanies living with a health disorder.

    The concept of health advocacy has existed for a long time in one form or other, and the wider medical community has now started to acknowledge patient advocacy as a real profession. The work entails plenty of knowledge of the complicated healthcare system, multi-tasking, focus on detail and naturally, compassion.

    What Can a Patient Advocate Help With?

    Your Denver, Colorado area medical patient advocate is going to do everything that is reasonably possible to make managing your health condition that little bit easier. This can include finding out about the best medical specialists for you, to finding ways to reduce your doctors bills. A medical patient advocate offers feelings of humanity and empathy to every single affected individual that they handle. Also, they are glad to get to know your medical team and work alongside them to ensure that your health needs are being adequately represented.

    The following are a few of the commitments a Denver, Colorado medical advocate will do for you:

    • Find the appropriate doctors and specialists for your health condition
    • Explain a diagnosis in layman’s terms and summarize all possible treatment plans
    • Request and coordinate the transfers of lab results, medical records and X-rays
    • Arrange for home care equipment
    • Advise on when to request a second opinion
    • Find rehabilitation facilities
    • Organize hospice and palliative care
    • Deal with insurance claims and research how to bring down medical costs

    Working alongside a health care advocacy service can ease not only your stress and worries, but additionally that of your family and loved ones. It helps you to claw back precious time that you can commit to your loved ones, and doing stuff you enjoy rather than being on the phone talking with medical insurance providers or investigating treatment options.

    Great Reasons To Work With A Healthcare Advocacy Service in Denver, CO

    Using a Colorado patient advocate gives you immediate access to an experienced professional person who knows about all of the ins and outs of our convoluted health care sector. But they are also able to help bring a feeling of calmness to a very stressful scenario. They will be at hand to respond to your queries, talk over your condition with your doctors, and help you regain a feeling of control.

    What Makes Sirona Health Advocates Different?

    I set up Sirona Health Advocates to assist people dealing with a frightening medical issue. As a physician, mother and daughter, I’ve cared for both patients and loved ones and I understand precisely how our complicated health system functions. As a caretaker for my ageing mom and dad, I encountered first hand how life altering a change in a person’s health can be.

    I decided on a career in health advocacy so as to help those experiencing much the same issues, trying to help them realize that they do not have to cope with it alone. I love getting to know each of my customers, first with a complimentary phone conversation. This helps me learn more about your medical condition and requirements. Then we talk over my working methods and what exactly you should be expecting including the way to contact me if a problem develops that you need a bit of help with. After this, I compose a customized action plan to refer to going forward.

    My medical career background means that I understand the confusing healthcare system and just how insurance companies function. It also means that I am able to interpret confusing medical vocabulary into a language you can comprehend, and I can recommend treatment procedures and clinicians to try. I am prepared to make sure your health values are being fairly represented, pay you visits during hospital stays and accompany you to doctors appointments.

    I gained my Healthcare Advocacy certificate from Healthcare Liaison in 2018. I also graduated from Boston’s Tufts University School of Medicine, where I did my Medicine/Surgery internship. I am also a member of several professional health advocacy bodies such as the Massachusetts Society of Serious Illness, the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy.

    I bring humanization and compassion to any health-related circumstances. Additionally you don’t need to live in the Denver Colorado district to make use of my healthcare advocacy services since I also assist patients countrywide. Whether you need someone at your side with your own health challenges, you have to come to important decisions regarding an elderly parent with dementia or you need somebody to help you contend with a child’s health issue, I’m here to make certain you don’t have to go it alone.

    If you happen to be looking for a healthcare patient advocate in or near Denver, get in touch with me so we can book in an initial phone conversation.

    About Denver, CO

    Capital of Colorado nicknamed Mile High City has a population of 704,621. This mining hub of the 19th century is the most populous city of Colorado. Once deep into the wild west days the population has come a long way and evolved into nature buffs and fitness fanatics and are progressive minded. This city is considered a gateway to an array of outdoor activities from snowboarding to skiing to hiking and more. The mining days had shown Denver a gold rush but today another kind of gold rush of a different color -green is taking it to new heights. This is after the legalization of recreational marijuana business related to cannabis has seen a surge and improved the economy of this place. The misconception of this being a mountain town stands and it offers great recreating centers like Cherry Creek State Park and Red Rocks Park attracting tourists especially the adventure enthusiasts.

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