A Physician Healthcare Advocate for Medical Patients in the Cleveland Area

two people talking in an office in Cleveland OHWelcome. I’m Stacey Batista, MD, a patient advocate specializing in compassionate health advocacy and management for people with complex or unexpected medical diagnoses.

When a healthcare crisis strikes, a personal advocate to collaborate with and oversee the process can reduce stress, improve your overall experience and outcome, and put you on the path to better health.

Our healthcare system is complicated and impersonal. As such, it’s easy to feel reduced to a diagnosis, a disease, a body part, a problem.

I will work closely with you, your doctor(s) and your family as you navigate your way through the medical maze of an unexpected diagnosis, long-term illness, end of life care, or other challenging medical concerns.

Contact me today with any questions about my practice or to set up a complimentary consultation

“Stacey was always readily accessible, and provided calming, caring information during my recent surgery. Her knowledge and attention to detail concerning my particular situation allowed me to focus and make informed decisions. Knowing she was “by my side” gave me needed peace of mind.”

H.H., Malden MA

My goal is for you to feel empowered, informed, and in control of your medical care and overall health.

I welcome new clients. Please contact me directly with any questions about my practice or your concerns, or to set up a consultation. 

More About Sirona Health Advocates’ Cleveland Services

Just some of the services we offer our Cleveland patients:

  • Care Coordination
  • Best Health Consultant
  • Medical Decision
  • Personal Health Consultant
  • Healthcare System
  • Consulting
  • Diagnosis Assistance
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Medical Assessment
  • Top Healthcare Advocacy
  • Medical Billing
  • Health Advocacy
  • Health Management
  • Compassionate Health Advocacy
  • Health Consulting
  • Assessment
  • Treatment Assistance
  • Health Advocate Programs
  • Best Health Advocacy

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    More About Sirona Health Advocates’ Cleveland Services
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    How Can Health Advocacy Help Me As A Patient?
    What Sort of Assistance Can a Patient Advocate Offer Me?
    Listed below are some of the tasks that a Cleveland healthcare patient advocate can carry out for a patient:
    How Will A Cleveland Healthcare Advocacy Company Assist Me?
    What’s Special About Sirona Health Advocates?
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    How Can Health Advocacy Help Me As A Patient?

    Being informed that you’ve got a medical disorder or having to watch a loved one struggle with health challenges is often life altering. It can also cause lots of anxiety and stress as you deal with locating the right consultants, paying hospital bills, digesting this news, and deciding what plan of action to take to preserve your wellbeing. Naturally, lots of people can find this whole experience overwhelming.

    Medical advocacy provides help and compassion to folks struggling with the consequences of a problematic diagnosis. A Cleveland, Ohio medical advocate will work alongside you or your loved one helping you to get through all the documentation and information that accompanies tackling a health issue.

    Even though medical patient advocacy has been around for quite a while, the profession itself has only been officially recognized for the last ten years. Though there are not any licensing requirements to become a health advocate, many have got certification in health advocacy and previously had a career background in medicine.

    What Sort of Assistance Can a Patient Advocate Offer Me?

    Your Cleveland, Ohio area medical patient advocate is going to do everything reasonably possible to make dealing with your health problem easier. This may include such things as working out how to lessen your hospital bills to finding out about the most appropriate specialists for you. A health care advocate will offer a sense of humanity and compassion to every affected person they handle. Also, they are perfectly happy to meet with your doctor and medical team and work alongside them to ensure your health requirements are being properly addressed.

    Listed below are some of the tasks that a Cleveland healthcare patient advocate can carry out for a patient:

    • Find out if home care equipment is covered by health insurance
    • Track down rehab centers
    • Organize the transfer of X-rays, medical records and lab results
    • Advise on when to request a second opinion (and find an appropriate doctor to supply one)
    • Deal with billing issues and attempt to reduce medical expenses
    • Explain a medical diagnosis and all possible treatment plans
    • Locate the right physicians and specialists
    • Arrange and find hospice and palliative care

    …and so much more. Using a Cleveland area medical patient advocate removes a large amount of the pressure and worry of coping with your health problem alone, to help you to concentrate on spending extra time with family and friends and doing what you really enjoy.

    How Will A Cleveland Healthcare Advocacy Company Assist Me?

    Working alongside a patient advocacy service offers you a bit of reassurance after getting a worrying medical diagnosis. You have a dependable professional person who you are able to turn to if you’ve got questions and concerns, are confused about something, or require assistance managing your condition. A Ohio medical advocate will be able to interpret the excess of information and documentation that many individuals with health issues have to face.

    What’s Special About Sirona Health Advocates?

    I am Stacey Batista, MD. I’m a doctor, mother and daughter who has experienced first hand the overwhelming challenges which go hand in hand with living with a grave medical problem, as I took care of my aging parents whilst having to raise two young children. I am aware of how strapped for time many people are and the way that an unexpected medical issue can throw a spanner into one’s life.

    I take an extremely personable approach with each of my customers. We commence with a complimentary phone consultation so that I can learn more about your health problems and diagnosis. Then we’ll talk about precisely what working alongside me is like, and what exactly you can anticipate from my professional services. After this, I create a customized personal assessment plan that outlines action steps.

    As your chosen Cleveland medical patient advocate you are able to count on me to be there for you on every step of your healthcare experience. I have worked with a variety of affected people that faced an unwelcome medical diagnosis, end of life care solutions and long term illness. I can make certain your health requirements are being represented fairly, visit you when you’re in hospital and accompany you to doctors appointments.

    I received my Patient Advocacy qualification in 2018 from Healthcare Liaison. I also graduated from Boston’s Tufts University School of Medicine, where I completed my internship in Medicine/Surgery. I hold active membership in some professional health advocacy associations including the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy, the Massachusetts Society of Serious Illness and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

    I aim to bring humanization and empathy to any medical related circumstances. You additionally do not have to be living in the Cleveland OH district to use my healthcare advocacy services. I have worked for affected patients across the United States. No matter if you need to come to important decisions regarding an elderly parent with dementia , you require someone to help you deal with a child’s illness or you need someone at your side with your own health challenges, you don’t need to go through it on your own.

    If you happen to be thinking about using a health care advocate in or near Cleveland, OH, get in touch with me for a free phone consultation.

    About Cleveland, OH

    Nicknamed the forest city Cleveland is a major city of Ohio state. It is considered as one of the major manufacturing hubs of the USA. Situated on the banks of a river and lake shore. It is well connected via the railroad lines and the canals. Apart from the manufacturing sector, healthcare, financial services and biomedicals have contributed to its economic growth. The famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is housed in Cleveland. It is a great tourist attraction and has a lot to offer to the visitor. Some of the prominent places of interest include Cedar Point Amusement Park, A Christmas Story House, Botanical Garden, Children’s Museum and much more. Mid America Boat Show, International Beer Fest, Hassler Street Fair and more are the annual festivals and events that draw the international traveler to Cleveland. With a population of 383,525 it can be called a major city of Ohio.

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