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Office Info

Sirona Health Advocates
1295 Beacon Street, #862
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 651-1990

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services covered by my health insurance?

No unfortunately they are not. All services are private pay billed hourly.

Are you affiliated with any particular hospital or facility?

No, we are not connected to any particular hospital or facility and therefore we are free to refer you to the clinicians and facilities we believe would be the best choices for you.

Do you work with people only in the local Boston area?

We are able to work with clients anywhere in the country and have successfully done so. If your particular situation requires someone to be by your side, advocating for you in person, we are also able to refer you to colleagues across the country. We have found, however, that a great deal can be accomplished over the phone and via email.

Do your services replace those of my medical doctor?

No, our services do not replace those of your medical team. We will not examine, diagnose or give any treatment recommendations outside of your medical team. Our role is to join your team in support of you and your medical care.

How do you work with my current medical team? How will my current medical team feel about my hiring you?

We have found that our clients’ physicians welcome our role as a member of the team in support of our shared patient/client. The relationships we have formed with treating clinicians have been collegial and helpful. We find most clinicians are pleased that their patients have an increased level of support during a medically complex situation, appreciating the stress and uncertainty that illness can bring.