About Us

Stacey Batista

My name is Stacey Batista. I am a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, where I also completed my internship in Medicine/Surgery in 2002. I took a hiatus from practicing medicine to raise my two children and care for my ailing parents. This experience showed me firsthand the demands on family and caregivers when faced with managing serious health conditions— including pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s dementia and heart disease.

As a physician, I bring the insight and knowledge of medicine—from defining different treatment options, to connecting and coordinating with the right specialists, to understanding complex medical evaluations. I hold a Certificate in Healthcare Advocacy from Healthcare Liaison, Inc. in 2018. I am also a Board Certified Patient Advocate.

As a parent, daughter, patient and caregiver, I understand that the ups and downs of diagnosis and treatment are challenging. It is with this combined experience that I am able to provide effective, knowledgeable, patient-centered, compassionate health advocacy.

I want to work closely with you to help you define what is most important in your life as you face a challenging health diagnosis, and then support you as you navigate through it.

Professional Memberships

National Association of Healthcare Advocacy
2016 to present

Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
2017 to present

Massachusetts Society of Serious Illness

Massachusetts Health Care Advocates
2016 to present

Greater National Advocates
2017 to present

Stacey Batista, MD

Hi, I’m Lissa Rockwood. I am a registered nurse, with a professional history spanning the past 35 years, and am now a patient advocate. I’ve worked at and am familiar with many of the medical facilities in and around Boston; from the Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals, various skilled nursing & rehabilitation facilities, home care agencies, adult day care centers, hospice residences, and even the State Prison system. 

A highlight of my career was receiving the Nurse of the Year award at Mount Auburn Hospital in 2019.

10 years ago, I found my true calling as a Palliative Care provider for individuals and their families coping with a serious illness. 

My specialty now is helping patients and families navigate our sophisticated yet overly complicated health care system.  I appreciate the incredible strengths in our world-renowned medical centers as well as the confusion those strengths can engender. I’m able to make use of my vast experiences to assist you in making informed decisions when dealing with a difficult situation.

If your health care journey finds you at a crossroads, I’m here to walk by your side with the knowledge of what to ask, awareness of what to research, and the compassion to help you realize your own goals.  I want to get to know what is important to you so you are in control of your life and are thus able to live with minimal medical stress, and maximum comfort. 

Our Approach

We will work closely with you, your doctor(s) and your family as you navigate your way through the medical maze of an unexpected diagnosis, long-term illness, end of life care, or other challenging medical concerns.



We’ll have a complimentary call to discuss your health concerns, ways we can work together, and commitment of services.


Once a comprehensive health review is taken, a personal assessment plan is created, with relevant action steps that support your goals and values.


We can help you to better understand your diagnoses, treatment options, new and/or alternative treatments, and arrange consultations with top specialists and medical centers.


As your health advocate, we’ll be a part of your team. We can accompany you to clinician appointments, visit you during hospital stay(s), and see that your health values are represented.

Our goal is for you to feel empowered, informed, and in control of your medical care and overall health.

We welcome new clients. Please contact us directly with any questions about our practice or your concerns, or to set up a consultation.